Mediation Services For The Legal Profession

Paradoxically perhaps, Mediation does not compete with the legal profession, but is a credible and effective complement to it.

And with the imminent arrival of the Mediation Bill, it will become more important than ever that legal practices become familiar with the process of mediation – and learn to harness it as a means of generating greater loyalty from their own client base.

Commercial mediation needs to ensure that the business is not sundered by the dispute – something that's often beyond the power of the litigation approach.

When legal practices propose Mediation as a more effective solution for their clients, they are seen to be pro-business and their payback comes in the form of greater levels of commercial work.

By becoming familiar with the process and practice of Mediation, you will not only open up another potential income stream, but will also cement your relationship with your clients even further.

It's also important to recognise that conflicted parties may have their solicitors present, as they will need to draw up a legally binding agreement at the end of the process. So you will still be seen to play an integral part in the process by your client.

By recommending Mediation, you are proving your interest in the ongoing health of your client's business – something which will have a long-term payback for many years to come.

The process of Mediation is suitable for practically all forms of civil or commercial disputes. And even if legal action has commenced and is looking like turning into a lengthy and costly affair, you can still turn to Mediation at that stage as a more practical alternative.