About Arrivas Mediation Services

My name is Mary O'Driscoll and I've been a qualified Mediator since 2011.

I offer two main sets of qualifications to my clients – each as important as the other.

The first are the industry certifications that you'd expect from a professional and successful practitioner, which have led to membership of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland (MII) and Irish Commercial Mediators' Association.

But more importantly, I bring over 25 years of working experience across a wide range of industries. This has given me a deep-rooted understanding of the dynamics of commercial friction – and the most successful ways of dealing with it to the satisfaction of both parties.

The bottom line ? If you have a commercial dispute that you think could be addressed without costly and adversarial legal intervention, we should be talking to each other.

You've nothing to lose – and everything to gain!