Mediation Services from Arrivas

There are a whole host of reasons why corporations are faced with costly and time-consuming legal action – anything from industrial relations matters to management buyouts or dissolution of the business. And within the farming sector, succession planning is also an area where disagreements frequently end in litigation.

In the vast majority of cases, however, both parties to the dispute would be much better served by exploring the Mediation route first.

The outcomes are just as robust as from a court of law, but achieved at a fraction of the cost of legal action; with the cost of litigation in Ireland over twice as high as in other jurisdictions, it makes additional sense to try alternative avenues.

The average cost of a €200,000 claim in Ireland is €53,800, while the cost of mediation for the same claim would be in the region of €7,000.

No less a figure than Supreme Court judge, Ms. Fidelma Macken, recently commented that a significant amount of money was being spent unnecessarily on litigation in cases where mediation may be a more appropriate and effective option.