Train The Trainer

The Train The Trainer Programme has been devised for participants who already have experience in delivering training in their organisation or company.

It formalises that previous experience and provides the tools and the opportunity to take their skills to the next level, enabling them to work with either individuals or groups.

The Programme will help you to identify the most appropriate learning style for any given situation, and to develop a training programme that will yield positive and lasting results.

You will also have the opportunity to practice your interpersonal skills and will receive detailed and supportive feedback on both your content preparation and delivery style.

Certification Awarding BodyQuality Qualifications Ireland
NFQ LevelLevel 6
Module CodeE30179

Who is this course for ?

People who have some experience in delivering training be it formal or informal to groups or individuals. This programme helps them achieve academic qualification to develop, support and enhance their prior training experience.

Programme Aim

The aim of the programme is to enhance the existing skills, knowledge and attitudes of trainers in relation to the design, delivery and evaluation of training programmes.

The specific learning outcomes are grouped together in 6 units of learning:

  1. Theory of training and adult learning
  2. The role of the trainer
  3. Training needs analysis and programme design
  4. Preparing for training delivery
  5. Delivery and assessment
  6. Evaluation of training

Preferred Entry Level Requirement

Level 5 Certificate, Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualifications and/or relevant life and work experiences.

Special Requirements


Other Requirements

Generic literacy and interpersonal skills are required to successfully complete the programme.  To be adequately equipped to participate, learners need access to a word processor, printer and email is also required for completing the assessment for the programme.


The duration of the course is spread over two elements:
Contact hours, i.e. attending the course
Independent learning, i.e. hours outside of the workshop

  1. Contact Time - the programme is usually delivered over four or five days, depending on the customers' requirements and the learners' previous experience.
  2. Independent Learning - learners should allow for an additional minimum of 10 hours independent learning which would be made up of:
    • approximately one hour between contact training days to review and reflect what has previously been covered and how they can put this into practice
    • 7 hours for preparation for the assessment process. This would involve the research & preparation of two skills demonstrations (approx 2 hours outside of classroom time) and the completion of the written assignment (5 hours outside of classroom time).

Assessment Method

The assessment is broken down as follows:

  • 50% Skills Demonstration
  • 50% Assignment

Skills Demonstration

One 5 minute formal presentation and one 15 minute facilitated training session prepared during independent learning time and delivered during contact time.


Develop a training plan complete with a training needs analysis, training aims, objectives, session plan, room specification, assessment and evaluation. The assignment is completed as independent learning outside of contact time.

Learner Support

Throughout the programme, learners are supported by the trainer. At the commencement of each programme learners are provided with the trainer's mobile number and email address and participants are encouraged to contact the trainer throughout the programme for learning support as required.

The Learning Environment At the beginning of the course learners will be provided with a Learner Handbook which will detail all policies regarding diversity, equality, reasonable accommodation, access, transfer, progression, assessment, appeals, feedback, QQI, the national framework of qualifications, health & safety and learner protection.